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Thursday, November 11, 2010

nothing to kill or die for

i had the opportunity to do some community service

as part of a remembrance day observance in a local school, i got to accompany a choir of charming 11 year olds as they sang of the utopia that they will hopefully build for themselves (as it doesn't look like they're going to inherit it from those of us who have come before them.)

imagine there's no heaven
it's easy if you try
no hell below us
above us only sky
imagine all the people living for today

imagine there's no countries
it isn't hard to do
nothing to kill or die for
and no religion too
imagine all the people living life in peace

you may say i'm a dreamer
but i'm not the only one
i hope one day you'll join us
and the world will be as one

imagine all possessions
i wonder if you can
no need for greed or hunger
a brotherhood of man
imagine all the people sharing all the world

you may say i'm a dreamer
but i'm not the only one
i hope one day you'll join us
and the world will live as one

interesting how some things get diluted as they are shared from person to person; generation to generation. it's a huge game of 'telephone'.

a friend was recently telling me of how her husband and son attended a paul mccartney show, and bought a t-shirt. the son wore the shirt to school and began to receive flak from another kid in the class over it... this other kid was wearing a lennon shirt.

it kinda figures that the lennon kid would give the mccartney kid a hard time. the conflict was legendary and whereas mccartney was probably more controlling, lennon was definitely more confrontational. for a guy whose most memorable statements were about peace, he sure did have a way of getting in people's faces about it. the fact that many of his disciples would get it all wrong seems about right.

kinda like Jesus

Christ was a confrontational contrarian whose way is carved out fairly clearly in his manifesto as a pushback against all that was wrong with organized religion circa 30 a.d... but as often happens, his message and his methods became confused over time, moving from a spiritually transformative underground justice movement that served as such a threat to the empire that involvement in it was seen as treason and punishable by death, to the state-sanctioned religion of the empire in less than 300 years... and an empire of its own in less than 500 years more.

a progressive or regressive legacy?

What if the religion generally associated with Jesus neither expects nor trains its adherents to actually live in the way of Jesus?
(brian d mclaren)

to live that manifesto- there's the challenge.


At 11/16/2010, Blogger marcythewhore said...

Is Buddy here yet?

I sent Buddy here. I don't know if he's here yet.

Buddy, let me know if you find your way here.

At 11/30/2010, Blogger jollybeggar said...

buddy arrived safe and sound.
always nice to meet someone new.


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