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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mine is in the mail

it might be preachy, or even condescending but it was something I thought to be pretty self-evident. Seems I was wrong. So I'm heart broken and 30 dollars lighter

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At 8/20/2010, OpenID societyvs said...

Love the shirt, I'd totally wear something like that!

At 9/02/2010, Blogger jollybeggar said...

"When Jesus said love your enemies, I'm pretty sure he meant DON'T KILL THEM" (shirt)

wow- i hadn't checked here before uploading the piece of writing that follows this post.

can you post the link for the shirt site?

At 9/03/2010, Blogger hineini said...

Thats quite interesting that you didn't read mine when you posted the one above. This is maybe the discussion to have: Just what is murder?

And here is the link, maybe you just want to get the mug.,38608301

At 9/10/2010, Blogger jollybeggar said...


just what is murder... and is there a philosophical difference between murder and manslaughter?

i mean, i suspect i am guilty of murder pretty much everyday, whether we are talking about Jesus' take on it or Levinas'...

but to what degree is ignorance a defense?

by the way, awesome to see you wearing that shirt in church the other day. perhaps people like pastor terry jones would reconsider the noises they make before they made them if more people wore shirts like that to worship gatherings.

or maybe they'd just murder the t-shirt wearers in the crowd. who can say?

At 9/20/2010, Blogger hineini said...

I think the simple answer to a question like that is that ignorance is murder. It is when we fail to honour the infinite value in someone that we murder. How can you honour that if your ignorant of, in, or to it?


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