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Monday, April 19, 2010

zombie apocalypse?

i couldn't help noticing this easter that one or two remarks have been made online concerning the whole zombie element to the easter story. however, rather than be shocked by the 'irreverence' of this idea, i decided to push the metaphor a bit and see where this led me... mainly because, as leonard sweet recently said in a talk that i attended:

"our currency is no longer words, but images,
and the essence of change is reframing with new metaphors."

so here's some spin on the zombie heresy that i left on my facebook page:

Christ rose from the dead, beginning a movement of spiritual transformation which begins with an albeit symbolic death to self, offering its adherents both a fearless existence and immortality in exchange for their autonomy. these followers are everywhere, inviting others to enter into the same experience which appears, to all outside of it, to be a form of spiritual fanatacism at its best, super-holy madness at its worst...

before Jesus’ resurrection, life led to death...
after Jesus’ resurrection, true life begins with death:

not a physical death, but a death to the temporal in exchange for the eternal... to self-satisfying behaviours and habits and all that crap that we cling to which inhibits the expression of the life and light within us that has been put there by Almighty God.

some of the zombie culture rhetoric refers to zombies as 'life-impaired.'

in this new metaphor, i almost wonder if the life-impaired are those of us who still insist on running things ourselves, informed by incomplete or otherwise flawed intel and powered by emotional, neural, cardiovascular and respiratory human batteries that eventually run down to expiration.

please tell me life isn't simply the sum total of our biological processes and body functions. please tell me there is something more- something eternal that continues on even after we have, as shakespeare put it in hamlet and monty python's john cleese shouted it in the parrot sketch, "shuffled off this mortal coil"!

one final thing occurs to me as i consider the zombie Jesus. within zombie literature and films, there is this time coming when everyone in the world falls prey to the zombie condition and unity is once again established. it is called zombie apocalypse.

however, if Jesus is patient 0 or, as we read (and warp a bit here) in revelation 1.5 firstborn of the dead, then what is the zombie apocalpyse but an event of unprecedented revival?

arise my love, oh beautiful one, and come with me...
there's a new world coming


At 4/26/2010, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't get the whole zombie comparison thing - as cool as it is - it just doesn't fit with how I see the actual resurrection event.

That being said, I like your take here. Using the zombie motif to better explain what is meant by 'resurrection''s creative if not helpful at the same time.

I see resurrection as life also, here and now, and then and there. I think this life affords the '2nd chances' - the time to do that - and the time is usually now. It means dying to one idea to resurrect to a new idea.

Im a fan of the blog!

At 4/30/2010, Blogger jollybeggar said...

ha ha- yeah, the zombie analogy is more than flawed. it came as part of some thinking a few weeks back that led me to a rather skeptical fridge magnet...


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