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Thursday, January 14, 2010


this fall, after throwing out every excuse in the book (and there were A LOT in that list), i found myself saying yes to taking a class that was being offered at our church. this class is different than anything i've ever taken. it brought me out of my comfort zone, on many levels, right from the start. but now that i'm 3 1/2 months into it, i look back and realize that it's been a very good thing.

i had a conversation with a friend the other day about the fact, that more than once what's been discussed in class has come up in our church's Sunday morning sermon, which has allowed the dialogue to continue on in my brain.

"see, that's the kind of synchronicity we can expect when we're letting God speak through seemingly random spiritual disciplines."

my friend answered back about how cool the synchronicity is that happens when we let God speak through seemingly random things. yeah it's very cool...on multiple levels. that synchronicity has me thinking often on the gravity of being open enough to let God speak through every aspect of life, even the ones that don't have any connection in our mind or those that we don't really think anything could be spoken through. it comes with the responsibility of being prepared to go deeper...and to embrace all that entails. to look deep hear the, "Whys and questions" which will inevitably come out of that process. being prepared to face those, "Whys and questions" that surface and both the good & the bad that comes from that. it means being willing to peel away the layers of this life and honestly find answers...not to just fly off quick and easy surface responses, but instead to allow deep and purposeful responses to arise.

what i'm finally beginning to realize, is that the journey deeper is one which will eventually bring you to a place of realizing how awesome His love is for each one of us. it will bring forth the challenge to see yourself through His see all that He sees when He looks at you, rather than viewing yourself through human eyes.

for me, even though it's a really cool process to experience, i also find it very scary at times. but then i look back and see where i've come from and that brings forth strength to journey jump the hurdles of fear and continue to penetrate deeper. inevitably i've found myself going down some of the tunnels of life i said i would never visit again...sometimes coming back out of them seeing things in a very different light than i ever saw them before or simply coming back out feeling a little less entrapped by the anger, pain, confusion, etc. of some of those tunnels.

“You’re my son (daughter). I’m crazy about you and well into everything you do.” (Rob Lacey)

this quote was read at the end of our service on Sunday...the daughter portion was added in for those of us who were of the female variety in the crowd. i found a lot of comfort in knowing that no matter what, i have a Heavenly Father who's crazy about every aspect of me. and i was challenged to begin living my life with that same kind of love. to live life with a deep every circumstance i find myself. A deep love that i'll readily offer to every person that crosses my path, including the one i see in the mirror each day and also to the Heavenly Father who never leaves my side.