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Sunday, December 13, 2009

how do they know it's christmas?

i'm just listening to my 12" EP of band aid's 'do they know it's christmas'. on it, in addition to the song that raised millions of dollars and millions of prayers for those in ethiopia enduring a famine of biblical proportions, there is a lengthy 'bonus track' which contains spoken yuletide greetings from a number of musicians participating in the recording.

here's one:
'It's Christmas 1984 and there are more starving folk on our planet than ever before. Please give them a thought this season and do whatever you can, no matter how small, to help them live. Peace be with you.' (David Bowie)

so where are we a quarter of a century later? have we, with all this talk about being global villagers and the like, been moved to live Jesus' gospel of hope and justice in our everyday living?

John 3.16 does state very clearly that this 'only begotten son' and the 'everlasting life' promised should be available to 'whosoever believeth.'

the challenge is to make this gospel of grace believeable for all, through generous living and loving that touches others, wherever and whoever they are.


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