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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

escape from this mind prison?

last week, vandals left a simple but poignant message on the steps of the church:

Escape from this Mind Prison

i almost put it on the sign out front, not as some kind of a thumb-your-nose-back gesture against those who took the care to stencil the letters and then spray paint them, but as an invitation to those carrying a load or burden that continues to box in their perspective, framing it in pain, fallenness, broken faith, betrayal and resultant mistrust, as well as basic lack or loss of hope.

the writer of the book of hebrews challenges us (in hebrews 10.25) to be instrumental in opening each others’ minds, inspiring each other to revolution and beautiful action.

(this is explored a bit further in the blogpost 'you say you want a revolution' and can be found by clicking here. )

when I think about the message that was neatly and poetically written on the sidewalk, I am reminded once again that the power of darkness in our world has some struggling with the difference between freedom and slavery: the worship gathering affords us the opportunity to escape from the prison of hopelessness and pain that masquerades as life here, just east of Eden, gaining some perspective in order to more meaningfully serve love and hope to those still pacing back and forth in their cages.

there's a reason that the word sanctuary is used.


At 11/27/2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you changed blogs - which one should i follow and comment at?

At 11/27/2009, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder what possesses someone to want to write that on a church step? Not cool - number one - and not effective - number two.

I get the message - their is some truth in it - church can become a place that is like a 'mind prison'...and for many parishoners - they don't want to think about any of this so they let others think for them...then they just follow the advice.

However, life is weird...and life is tough - so your point is also accurate...for some people church is freedom from another form of prison - real life and it's extenuating provides relief to many with real living problems and don't know what to do - how to act - where to go - etc.

There are 2 sides to a story - I realize this - and one can see some legitimacy on that sidewalk and some can see it erasing it...both are right.

At 11/28/2009, Blogger jollybeggar said...

roger roger on the two sides...
there are many messages we infer from life itself. each person reads through his or her own lenses.

however, whereas i can see how both 'sides' are real and therefore legitimate, i'm not sure i can agree with both of them being right.

after all, how far do we want to take the relativistic view of right and wrong? is something right just because there is acquiescence or some kind of collective ascent?

although i struggle to see it a lot of the time, i'm pretty sure that objective truth is out there somewhere. problem is, those who claim to have discovered it often misuse it, making the whole concept really hard to embrace.

we have such trust issues, derived from so much pain and disappointment.


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