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Monday, October 20, 2008

The State of the Church These Days...

I have been doing some blogging around the net and because I am one person with one set of experiences - I cannot speak for the whole state of the church (as much I try to anyways). I am going to ask a series of questions - answer if you want - and let me know how you see the church.

(1) What programs are offered at your church for people that are struggling with poverty in your community?

(2) How many people attend your church and how many of those people do you have close relationships with?

(3) Do you think church has made you a more ethical person? If so, why?

(4) If I had to ask you a % - what % of people in your church do you think are very moral people and would not hurt another soul?

(5) How do you wish the money in the church was being spent?

(6) What aspect of church do you find most rewarding?

(7) Concerning church focus - what % is on spiritual matter and what % is on here and now matters?