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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

this thieving heart

break this thieving heart and place it in the ground
turn and walk away as darkness falls all around
pick up all the pieces of your life
as if we'd never met
and maybe then i'd know how to love

crucify this thieving heart-bind it with thorns
strike it with your fists, subject it to scorn
pledge undying faithfulness
and then betray it with a kiss
and maybe then i'd know how to love

take this thieving heart and do with it what you must
feast upon the flesh, forsake its every trust
drink deeply from the cup
it laboured so earnestly to fill
and maybe then
just maybe then
and maybe then i'd know how to love

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

rich man

Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn.
(romans 12.15)

i don't think i've ever been afforded the opportunity to experience a passage of scripture as literally as i was this past weekend with this particular soundbyte from the apostle paul.

an old friend of mine gave away his daughter in marriage to an amazing guy. i was invited to perform the ceremony. the wedding was saturday.

the same day, a lady from our church family had a birthday. she turned 80.
there was a big party that afternoon.

my 16 year old son was competing at a provincial level in soccer.
his tournament was saturday and sunday.

a dear friend of mine lost his wife to cancer on thursday. she was only 46.
i was honoured to be asked to officiate at the funeral. the funeral was monday.

but it was not the events that marked the weekend for me.
it was the people.

so many people, so many social circles, like a massive venn diagram illustrating how important people are to other people. some, like me were in the common space shared by all four circles, whereas others were in one or two or three circles, some were only in one. there were some that were at the soccer games and at the funeral. there were some that were at the birthday, the wedding and the funeral. some were only at the wedding, but knew people at the birthday and the funeral.

you get the idea.
..interesting: the most common connector was the funeral. nothing brings people together like grieving- but that's probably a whole nother blog.

so many combinations. try to do the math.
so many relationships in so many different contexts.
so much rejoicing, so much mourning.

one thing is for sure: i am a rich man.

if i could lend someone a hand, i'd be a rich man
if i could help someone to stand, i'd be a rich man
(sammy hager, circa 1978... the band was called 'Servant')