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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

living the list

a number of years ago, when our church was without a pastor, i sat down and wrote an itemized list of attributes that i felt the church needed in her new leader. i prayed the list diligently, with faithful expectation...

this morning i woke up with that list on my mind.

the challenge for me, as the current pastor of this same church all these years later, is to try to prayerfully live this list, God being my helper...

  • for leadership that is both Spirit-driven and Christ-centred, yet is also relevent for people who don't know Christ
  • for leadership with integrity and a shameless daily walk with Almighty God
  • for leadership that leads from the scriptures, making them breathe for those who are unfamiliar with them
  • for leadership that knows how to personally worship and is not intimidated or fearful of a movement of God's Spirit in the lives of the people because it is only in the infilling that there is enough to actually affect spiritual change in any given life
  • for one who will take this church out of the wilderness into the land that God has prepared
songwriter matt redman, penned a song ten years ago that seems to complete these sentiments, especially in my own personal case... the challenge for us all is to say whatever we have to say, but at the end of the day, to live the life.

many are the words we speak
many are the songs we sing
many kinds of offerings
but now to live the life

precious are the words we speak
precious are the songs we sing
precious all, these offerings
but now to live the life

now to go the extra mile
now to turn the other cheek
and to serve you with a life
let us share in fellowship
even of your sufferings
never let the passion die

help us live the life
all we want to do is bring you something real
bring you something true
(c) matt redman, Kingsway's Thankyou Music, 1997